Hello Everyone,

Thank you all so much for being a part of this exciting new initiative! In addition to the resource page I created on Powstatan, there is an official FAME section of the BCPS ODL wiki, where you can also find valuable information and resources.
1. Please go to the BCPS FAME wiki and click on "Kick-Off August 27th."2. Module 1 can be found on Blackboard here. We should complete module 1 during the next couple of weeks. Module 1 is a set of very straightforward lessons, mostly comprised of concepts that we discussed during our FAME PD in the library.
3. Dr. Montgomery and I will iron out a schedule for our CoP (Community of Practice) meetings. There will be just 5 of these meetings throughout the program. As soon as the schedule is finished, I will share that with you all.
4. I just confirmed today that you will all get 3 MSDE CPD credits for participating (woohoo!)
5. Your teammates can still register here! The more, the merrier!



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